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Can't Forget: Maison Breguet

Updated: Feb 16

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The Parisian hipsters flock to the 11th arrondissement, close to the Marais district and its art galleries, retail clothing shops, and trendy restaurants. It’s an artsy area of Paris, reminiscent of when Chelsea Manhattan was up and coming. Among art and its artists, you will also find Hotel Maison Breguet. A welcoming, bright and pleasant place with tasseled room keys and hot air balloon printed light blue wallpaper, this 5-star hotel is a secondary home to travelers who love culture, fashion, and adventures from all over the world. Visitors come from all over to have dinner with friends, enjoy a cocktail, have business meetings, listen to music, or even write their next novel (or get inspired to).

The staff is amiable and demonstrate cheerful demeanors. If you’re trying to practice your French, simply ask the staff to speak slowly en français or "Pouvez-vous parler plus lentement s’il vous plaît?" Nicholas, who showed me to my room, was truly patient and accommodating in this area and his eyes smiled behind his glasses while I failed to properly conjugate verbs. While the flooring resembles a beautiful assortment of white, blue and grey marble, it is actually a soft carpet.

Once I arrived in my room, I was delighted by the modern portraits on the wall, as well as the light grey with blue accent details throughout the room which coordinate to the entire hotel’s aesthetic. From the marble showers with gold hardware to the Maison Martin Margiela shampoos and lotions in the signature scent, Jazz Club, there is a romantic allure to this hotel matched with minimalistic luxuries. A classic novel (printed in French) is placed bedside in each room. I immediately relaxed in this Parisian building which somehow extended its energy to make me feel like I was transported back to a simpler time but with all the modern amenities.

The variety and quality of food and cocktails adds another element to this hotel that makes me strongly recommend staying at Maison Breguet. A perfectly cooked omelette and a crisp cappuccino is an ideal wake up call I enjoyed this luxurious breakfast in bed brought by the delightful staff. This was only my first discovery of the delicious food that Maison Breguet has to offer. The restaurant in this hotel is David Lanher’s restaurant. Lahner has been the chef of many successful restaurants in Paris including Caffé Stern, Le Bon Saint-Pourçain and Racines des Prés, and Anima — all highly respected restaurants in the city.

The fitness center and spa are another excellent contribution to this well-appointed, sophisticated hotel. Enjoy a modern pool with perfectly detailed grey stone aligned under the water and surrounding the spa. It is accented by chic grey couches and a wooden detailed sauna. The fitness center is also detailed with wood, as well as a tan carpet and neutral coloring to make your workout happen comfortably and efficiently. There are just a few machines, but the gym is quaint and perfect for a quick run or weightlifting session after or before your day of excursions through Paris.

If you want to explore the culinary offerings and sites in the area, have the staff make you a reservation — “I’m in the mood for des huîtres et des crevettes!” (Speak a little Franglais, it’s okay) or “Where can I get the best seafood?” The staff will know. Or take my recommendation: Clown Bar, an unsuspecting but well-reviewed sweet spot and about a twelve to fifteen minute walk from the hotel. Each dish is a harmony of flavors, for example, the raw white tuna with raspberries and Tropea onion, and the grilled zucchini with Pecorino and lard. Get out and explore the art galleries like Dorothy’s Gallery, Galerie Joseph Minimes, Art Symbol Gallery, and Galerie Artmundi. Another notable attraction is Maison de Victor Hugo, the historic home of French poet, novelist, dramatist of the Romantic Movement and famed author of Les Misérables. Whatever you do during your stay, I'm confident this hotel and neighborhood will inspire you, ignite your creativity, and persuade you to return to Paris (maybe when you’re ready to write that first book). In the words of Victor Hugo,

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”

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