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Trés Chic: Shiksona Luxury Beauty Brand

Hey there beauty lovers! Are you tired of scrolling through hundreds of beauty products, searching for the perfect shade or clean ingredients? Well, let me introduce you to ShikSona Beauty, the ultimate solution for busy women on the go.

Co-founder and CEO, Sonali Chaturvedi, inspired by her own busy schedule, realized that women need beauty products that are easy to use and incorporate into their already hectic lives. That’s why ShikSona offers a line of multipurpose beauty products that are versatile and can be used on both your lips and cheeks. Plus, their signature lipsticks and shimmer lipglosses are multi-use and come in universal shades that flatter any skin tone.

The brand believes that healthy and hydrated skin requires less makeup application overall. That’s why they've pivoted their product development to skincare, providing clean, anti-aging ingredients that lock in moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Their CBD Face Balm locks in moisture, soothes and calms skin, and improves dry, flaky skin.

But what really sets ShikSona apart from other brands on the market is their commitment to simplifying beauty for busy women. Their motto, “BeautEase,” reflects their approach to eliminating choice overload for their customers. ShikSona’s products are vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.

The brand's names for their products are just as sassy and fun as their approach to beauty. From the Barrier Breaking Beauty™ lipstick to the flat nude and shimmer nude lipgloss sets, their product names reflect the edgy, sexy, and fun side of modern-day superwomen.

ShikSona has a strong commitment to customer feedback and uses it to improve and develop new products. And their packaging and branding are just as fun and bold as their product names.

When it comes to celebrity support, ShikSona has it all covered with Award-Winning Hair and Makeup Artist, Victoria Stiles, as their Creative Director and Beauty Expert.

So, if you’re looking for beauty products that simplify your beauty routine, ShikSona Beauty is the way to go. Check out their website and Amazon to grab their newest Spring Collection of Lipsticks and Lipglosses, and keep an eye out for their two new skincare products coming in June.

Madeline: What inspired you to start Shiksona? Sonali Chaturvedi: As a busy woman on the go, I didn’t have time to incorporate a full beauty routine into my already fully booked schedule. When I walk into a beauty store or beauty department, there are hundreds of brands, with hundreds of products, with so many different shades. It's very overwhelming to try and figure out the right brand, product, or color, and then on top of that, determining which ones have clean ingredients can be very time consuming. So, we developed a line of multipurpose beauty products that are easy to use for busy women on the go. We already make a lot of important decisions each day and shouldn’t have to search through ingredients, analyze product quality, and choose among hundreds of colors just to find a lipstick and lipgloss.

With ShikSona Beauty, the choice overload is eliminated, taking the guesswork out of makeup shopping. Plus the versatility of our colors allows you to go from day to night, work to play, or casual to glamor, AND our lipsticks and shimmer lipglosses are multiuse as they can be used on both your lips and cheeks.

Madeline: How do you approach the development of new products? Where does the inspiration come from?

Sonali Chaturvedi: We started with lipsticks and lipglosses, because it’s the easiest product to use and can quickly give you a pop of color on your lips and cheeks so you have the confidence to take on the day with little time commitment. Since the release of our lipsticks and lipglosses, we have pivoted our product development to skincare. As busy women on the go, we don’t have a lot of time for a robust beauty routine. We believe that a good skincare line with clean, anti-aging ingredients is key because healthy and hydrated skin requires less makeup products and makeup application overall.

Madeline: Who gets to name the products? Which name are you most proud of? That's always been my dream job!

Sonali Chaturvedi: My sister and I (both co-founders of the brand) choose the names for the products. For our original, signature lipstick and lipgloss set, we wanted to make sure each name included both the badass aspect and also the edgy, sexy, fun side of the modern-day superwoman. For the flat nude and shimmer nude lipgloss sets, we wanted the names to show the softer, more raw and vulnerable side of women. Our favorite name is Barrier Breaking Beauty. It represents all the beautiful, bold, and trailblazing women who are shattering the glass ceiling.

Madeline: Tell me about your CBD balm.

Sonali Chaturvedi: Our multi-use, anti-aging CBD Face Balm locks in moisture, reduces appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, soothes and calms skin, and improves dry, flaky skin. It can be used around the eyes as a leave-on mask at night to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and under eye lines/wrinkles. You can also add a generous layer of the balm on the lips both day and night to heal dry skin.

Finally, you can add the balm to your cheeks for a healthy glow before applying makeup. It’s our very own miracle balm!

Madeline: What do you think your brand is most known for?

Sonali Chaturvedi: We are best known for our motto, "BeautEase": Beauty simplified for the modern day super-woman by removing choice overload for our customers.

Madeline: What sets your brand apart from other lipstick and lipgloss brands on the market?

Sonali Chaturvedi: Our brand only focuses on providing clean and versatile beauty products to busy women on the go. It removes the choice overload and provides women with beauty products that come in timeless/universal shades that look good on any skin tone, for any occasion, are multi use, and are made of clean ingredients (vegan, paraben free, gluten free, and cruelty free).

Madeline: What is Shiksona’s mission?

Sonali Chaturvedi: We believe deep down that every woman deserves to feel beautiful no matter how packed her day might be. Feeling beautiful is about feeling your best, having confidence, feeling strong, and being happy. On the surface, getting yourself to look the part is an important piece to feeling the part. ShikSona consistently aims to provide women with a boost of confidence to take on the world!

Madeline: Where can people find your products?

Sonali Chaturvedi: and

Madeline: Who is the ShikSona woman?

Sonali Chaturvedi: The ShikSona woman is the modern day superwoman. She is the Executive, Entrepreneur, Doctor, Nurse, Teacher, Full-Time Mom etc. who is working hard for 12-14 hours a day, multitasking, and who wants to look her best but doesn’t have time to incorporate a complicated beauty routine into her already hectic life.

Madeline: Are you working with celebrity makeup artists? Are any celebrity MUAs working with Shiksona?

Sonali Chaturvedi: Yes, we do have a celebrity MUA working for ShikSona Beauty! Victoria Stiles is an Award-Winning Hair and Makeup Artist and Lead Stylist at a Global Television Network. A creative paragon, Stiles has over two decades of beauty and production experience having worked in fashion print editorial, lifestyle, celebrity, political figures, New York Fashion Week, and network television. As Creative Director and Beauty Expert at ShikSona, Victoria delivers in-depth guidance to applicable use of our clean beauty line of cosmetics, providing knowledge and techniques in applying our timeless shades.

Madeline: Anything new in the works? Announcements?

Sonali Chaturvedi: We are excited to launch our new Spring Collection of Lipsticks and Lipglosses in early May and also our 2 new skin care products in early June!

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