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Millennials are the first generation to grow up exposed to internet pornography, highly photoshopped digital advertisements, skyrocketing rates of cosmetic surgery, webcam models, online sugar dating, and so much more. We live in a sex sells culture that favors Instagram butt models over intelligence, follower count over human connection, and luxury branding over compelling narratives. My realization of this was amplified by living in Los Angeles where I found favors, networking, and model looks go a lot farther than original thought and talent. At times, I felt lost in a sea of fake, disassociated. Porn isn't just sex on the internet or on your TV. Porn is in our advertisements, on social media, and in our minds, emotions, and relationships. What does this mean for how we connect and relate to others? Who is really listening and not just looking at analytics and body shapes? As someone who considers themselves openminded and sex positive, I wrote the songs on this album while navigating relationships, fighting through inauthenticity and phoniness, dating, and going through a time of self-discovery, trying to be deeply honest with myself.                   

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