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Diana's European Skincare: la Crème de la Crème

Diana's European Skincare is sold exclusively online and at a small med spa (Diana's Med Spa) in Timonium, Maryland (Random? Yes. An amazing brand I felt compelled to write about? Also, yes). Diana's is the crème de la crème for me. I once crudely referred to Diana’s European Skincare creams as “dolphin seed”. In my defense, think about how smooth a dolphin’s skin is. Then think about how semen is full of nutrients, proteins, and is essentially the fluid of life. Just to be clear, this brand has NOTHING to do with dolphin sperm, but I would call Diana’s European Skincare my personal “fluid of life”.

Although Diana's European Skincare was recently acquired by ProMD Health, the brand mostly remains a secret (a really really good secret). I feel a sense of pride when I get to introduce people to Diana's. I was happy to see that the acquisition did not affect the formula of the skincare products.

As someone who is sent and reviews so many products, it’s nice to write about a brand that I use daily without being expected to write anything. Rest assured, this post is my sincere declaration of my life long loyalty to this brand.


Let’s start with the first thing you notice about a brand: the packaging. Diana’s Skincare comes in substantial golden containers. They are minimally labeled and can easily be reused. You will not find the ingredients listed. You want to see them? Visit the website. You WILL find a small label that reads “DIANA’S,” a number, and the name of the product. When you purchase a product, it is packed in a white box with a red sticker. Again- very minimal. What I like about their particular brand of sleek minimalism is that it almost seems like they aren’t trying to be modern and minimal for the sake of branding- they’re just doing it because it’s enough and it’s practical.

The fact is: Diana’s Skincare doesn’t need to prove anything. They could sell it in tupperware, and I’d still be all about it.


The skincare line ranges in price from $50 to $300 for a product. Depending on how indoctrinated into the cult that is skincare, you may find these prices low or high. Since I am way deeper than skin deep into my skincare obsession, I find these prices reasonable, especially considering how well they work for me and how a little of the products can go a long way. I’m not saying I would pay anything for these products, but I might risk everything and put my life on the line just to have them.

What’s so great about it?

Well, you can look at my skin and see for yourself. Just kidding. What attracts me to Diana’s European Skincare are the natural ingredients, the textures and consistencies, lack of oily and greasy feeling after application, skin soothing and anti inflammatory effects, and the smells. Do you use any products-- maybe a personal fragrance or a lotion that has a specific smell that is very comforting to you?

Diana's #100 Ultra Ultra Cellular Face Cream comforts me in a way I can't explain. The smell is not overwhelming or strong, but rather calming. This is probably one of the effects of using it consistently for so long.

What's In There?

This ultra-light cellular daytime moisturizer uses bio-integral stabilized cells to prevent the onset of wrinkles. The remarkable cream protects the outer layers of the skin, stimulates cell renewal, and re-balances natural skin functions. Enriched with vitamins E + C to fight against free radicals.

I was surprised to read the ingredients on the #26 Supreme Eye Cream, mostly because I weirdly convinced myself that there must be some oatmeal component in there because of the smell and oat-ish color. Alas, let it be known that there is no oatmeal in here.

#26 Supreme Eye Cream is a powerful eye cream designed to address real problems such as dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. It is formulated to be deeply hydrating but light in texture.

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Minimizes puffiness and dark circles

  • Firms skin

  • Smoothes skin

  • Grape Seed Extract

  • Green Tea Extract

  • Vitamin K

Perhaps it is the grape seed extract that gives off such strong oatmeal vibes.


In a world with so many products, Diana’s stands out because of its timelessness, consistency, dependability, and quality. This is an attainable luxury product that will never need to reinvent itself, at least I hope they would never attempt such a thing. If I were to give them a way shorter review, I’d probably just write, “No notes…”

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