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Enjoy Your Stay: Adler Thermae

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

In collaboration with LEFAIR Magazine

HERE is where you heal. HERE is where you relax. “Light in Tuscany is very special

and light is important for your wellbeing,” Elisabeth Wittmann of ADLER THERMAE said. ADLER THERMAE, located in Bagno Vignoni among the rolling hills of Tuscany is a spa retreat and resort. I visited the resort in early July with LEFAIR Magazine. Normally the land and the trees are not quite as lush at this time of year, but due to the unusual amount of rain that the area experienced that season, the hills and countryside were vibrantly verdant. Healing begins near the entrance of the spa where there is a bit of natural aromatherapy, a garden of herbs — Thyme, Rosemary, Chives. It might be worth traveling to Tuscany just for this single deep breath of Tuscan air and natural aromas.

The resort revolves mostly around one thing: water. The Fountain of Youth, better digestion, higher concentration, improved mood and energy — those benefits are just the result of drinking it. Sparkling and still mineral water taps are located throughout the resort so white robed guests stay hydrated as they wander around from sauna to spa treatment and then in for a swim. Soothing trickling sounds from water fixtures resonate throughout the hotel. There are over ten thousand square feet of indoor and outdoor pools. ADLER THERMAE is of course known for its thermal waters, a type of mineral water located deep underground, containing healing properties that are exempt from bacteria and pollution. Naturally pure and rich in mineral salts, iodine and CO2, and Selenium, a powerful natural antioxidant, thermal water is recognized for its therapeutic properties, particularly those that concern the skin. Avène, Vichy, and La Roche-Posay are three beauty brands known for their use of thermal waters in their products.

While understudied and existing studies are often funded by cosmetic companies, the therapeutic and cosmetic efficacy of thermal water has been recorded since ancient times. It is most commonly known for treating skin conditions like chronic inflammatory skin diseases and acne. The skin is comprised of a complex ecosystem and a specific mix of minerals, fatty acids, and good bacteria. Washing your face with harsher soaps can often create unbalanced skin. Thermal water could theoretically rebalance this micro-environment for healthier skin. Bathe in these healing 122 degree Fahrenheit thermal springs and wash away impurities in waves of wellbeing. The thermal pool outside offers exquisite views of Italy’s mountains, crisp green grass, and the tiny historical town of Bagno Vignoni and its tower.

If you ever experience vacation guilt, this resort might be for you. While you might not be working on your career or your job during your stay, this space invites you to work on yourself, seriously. With yoga classes, personal fitness trainers and nutritionists, two doctors on the premises, Dr. Stefania Mazzieri and Dr. Michele Bianchini, and almost exclusively healthy food options, it might be impossible to stay at ADLER THERMAE and not return home a better version of yourself.

Often our own energy and feelings feed off of the energy and feelings of others. The moment you arrive at ADLER THERMAE, breathe in the scent of citrus fruits and lilies that lingers throughout and take a sip of your welcome cocktail, the other guests’ sense of ease and contentment will fuel your own. Both the ADLER THERMAE guests’ and the staff’s demeanors set this hotel apart from others. “I hate technology,” our videographer, Jeffrey Fountain, said when his camera broke. “Yeah, me too. That’s why I work with liquids,” said the bartender, Michele Zincone, as he poured a shot. “We’re going to see the stars tonight!” he said. On the terrace of the bar at ADLER THERMAE, we look up at the exquisite night sky, a soup of stars so bright and so seemingly tangible, a nice change from Los Angeles where we’re lucky if we see one star (and it might just be a satellite). We enjoyed talking with and getting to know Michele, who is the new proud owner of 100 acres of land in Tuscany, just down the road from ADLER THERMAE. He has big plans for the land that include a house and a farm. With this in the works, he hangs out in the natural hot springs on his land with friends experiencing freedom within nature.

ADLER THERMAE is the kind of destination that helps its guests become less tech obsessed. With our phones in our faces, we often forget our surroundings can be just as, if not more, stimulating. Forget TVs in the gym — ADLER THERMAE has outdoor treadmills on a mountain side with panoramic views of Bagno Vignoni and the mountains. With a beauty bible-sized book of spa treatments, hikes for days, and even ADLER THERMAE’s own winery within walking distance, there are so many new experiences to be had. Our team was most taken with the salt bath Grotta Salina. Located next to the pool there is a hidden grotto with a salt bath inside. This weightless floating experience in warm thermal water enriched with Dead Sea salt brings deep cleansing and harmony to the skin. During this romantic activity for two, expect a slight tingling sensation on the skin and then a serious glow the following day. “I am the menu,” our waiter said before reciting it verbatim. The menu changes every night. White linen tablecloths and napkins and black tables and chairs — the dining room’s ceiling is open and a tree grows in the middle of the room towards the sky. It was a pleasure trying different wines from regions nearby. The 2015 Orcia Sangiovese was a hit with its chewy tannins and hints of spice and raspberry. Families, old and young, different nationalities — the guests at Adler Thermae come from all walks of life but all seem to have purpose and intention in being there.

There is a pervasive sense of focus and self-betterment. The proof of the resort’s success at rehabilitation and improved well-being is shown through its guests’ loyalty. Many guests have been visiting ADLER THERMAE for ten years and some since the opening in 2004. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone seeking plenty of pampering in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

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