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Mile-High Showdown: United Airlines vs. American Airlines Business Class

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Get ready for a riveting journey above the clouds as I take you on two remarkable trips that

showcase the epitome of luxury in air travel.

United Airlines Sleeping in Business Class

Two different journeys: soaring from Charlotte, NC to Munich, Germany on American Airlines, and gliding from Newark to Milan, Italy on United Airlines. Join me as I relay my personal experiences and unveil the tantalizing details of United Airlines Business Class and American Airlines Business Class. Let's break down these premium journeys.

United Airlines Business Class: The Diva Divide

Let's kick off with United Airlines, shall we? Picture yourself in a swanky Business Class seat, not a private suite exactly, but something close to it. It's like when you give your limo driver a nod to put up the divider- you can essentially do that with your neighbor and shut them out. Here, in a cozy 1 by 1 configuration, you've got extended dividing walls and a touch of "mind your own business" privacy. It's a VIP experience, with lie-flat seats, a 17-inch screen, and space for all your in-flight essentials.

United's Amenity Kits: Swag on Steroids

United Airlines knows how to spoil you. Aboard United, passengers are treated to the luxurious TheraFace eye serum by Therabody, a skincare gem exclusively available in United's skies. This product is a symphony for the skin, masterfully crafted to soothe puffiness, enrich hydration, and fortify the skin's natural defenses, making every journey not just a travel but a rejuvenation.

Sleeping in the Clouds: United's Comfort Bliss

In United Polaris Business Class, you'll snuggle up with Saks Fifth Avenue-branded duvets and pillows for a snooze that's better than a spa day. And if you want the royal treatment, ask for a mattress pad – it's like sleeping on a cloud! Oh, and have you seen their restrooms? Mood lighting and luxe hand cream? Yes, please!

Dining Delights: United's Foodie Paradise

When it comes to dining, United Airlines is in a league of its own. They've got top chefs crafting culinary masterpieces that'll blow your taste buds away. Imagine savoring ravioli or grilled chicken with polenta at cruising altitude. It's not just airplane food; it's a gourmet feast! And for me it was mostly sundaes. The sundae cart is my favorite part (look, I rhymed).

American Airlines Business Class: The High-Flying Fiesta

American Airlines Jet

Switching gears to American Airlines, the experience is nothing short of a celebration in the skies. Business Class welcomes you with a bottle of water and an exceptional amenity kit, featuring products from premium brands like Casper bedding. The seats, arranged in various configurations, ensure direct aisle access and a personal space equipped with large screens for an extensive range of entertainment options, including Apple Music and noise-reducing headphones.

American's In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity

American Airlines shines with its in-flight entertainment. Large screens provide a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and live TV. Wi-Fi connectivity on many flights allows passengers to stay connected or stream content, enhancing the in-flight experience. I do wish that the wifi was free for Business Class. It seems only fair.

Culinary Excellence: American's Gourmet Selection

Thanks to the flavor geniuses at the James Beard Foundation, the menus feature fab dishes. Choose your favorites up to 30 days before take-off and bon appétit to multi-course marvels that capture the spirit of your destination. Europe, Asia, South America, the flavors will have you bubbling with joie de vivre wherever your heart desires!

And darling, the drinks are on the airline! Sip bubbly, wine, craft beers...may I suggest a spritz or three? After all, every party needs pizzazz. So come feast, imbibe, and make magical memories at 30,000 feet - American style!

Priority Treatment: Red Carpet Experience

Both United and American Airlines excel in treating their Business Class passengers like royalty. From VIP check-in and express security screening to generous luggage allowances- I was able to store my Fender Malibu acoustic guitar in the coat closet on the United flight. This space is reserved for customers traveling in premium cabins.

In conclusion, whether you're embracing the diva-like privacy of United Airlines Business Class or reveling in the high-flying fiesta of American Airlines with its comfy bedding and top-tier entertainment, both airlines offer a pleasant and relaxing journey. The choice boils down to personal style, but rest assured, both airlines set the stage for an unforgettable sky-high adventure.

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