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Rediscovering Charm: South Wind Motel & Antiques on High Usher in the New Year with Retro Flair

In the heart of Columbus's Brewery District, a nostalgic revival awaits. As the new year approaches, the iconic South Wind Motel partners with Antiques on High to offer a throwback to simpler times, coupled with a celebration of the present. Imagine ringing in the New Year not with the detached efficiency of technology and modernity, but with the warmth of yesteryear’s charm, harmoniously intertwined with today’s sustainable consciousness. This is not merely an event; it's a renaissance of retro-sophistication.

South Wind Motel Columbus, Ohio Exterior

The South Wind Motel, a Columbus landmark since 1959, stands as a testament to the timeless allure of mid-century modern design. With its cedar wood and stone exterior, it evokes the sweeping lines of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style, a nod to the expansive Midwestern landscape. Architect Harold Schofield’s vision remains a beacon of organic architecture, reminiscent of the Usonian homes in nearby Rush Creek Village. The motel’s recent refurbishment by Kelley Companies, known for their historic preservation projects, has injected new life into this architectural gem. But it’s more than just a façade; the motel now champions sustainability with solar panels and eco-friendly practices, marrying its historic roots with a forward-thinking ethos.

South Wind Motel Columbus, Ohio Interior Guest Room

Inside, the 22 guest rooms transport you to an era of uncomplicated elegance. The vintage-inspired décor, Chemex pour-over coffee makers, and modern amenities like free WiFi and smart TVs offer a unique blend of past and present. It's a cozy sanctuary where nostalgia meets contemporary comfort.

South Wind Motel Columbus, Ohio Exterior

Just steps away, Antiques on High crafts a parallel narrative. As the sister brewery to Seventh Son Brewing, AoH delves into the artistic creation of tart and wild beers, alongside hop-forward IPAs and pale ales. This New Year’s Eve, they invite you to a celebration steeped in authenticity, with DJ Scoppa’s all-vinyl sets ensuring the night remains lively until the early hours.

The collaboration between these two establishments speaks to a deeper cultural craving. In a world rushing towards the future, there's a yearning for the tactile and the genuine. This event isn't just about avoiding the hassle of driving on New Year’s Eve; it's about embracing community, history, and a sense of place. With the promo code “AOHNYE”, guests receive not just a discount on their stay but an experience that reverberates beyond the confines of a typical hotel room.

Antiques on High Columbus, OH Brewery Exterior

As we step into the new year, the South Wind Motel and Antiques on High remind us of the enduring power of place. In their embrace of both history and modernity, they offer more than just a night's stay or a beer's sip; they offer a connection to a Columbus that was, and a glimpse into what it can be. It's a story of revival, of sustainability, and of the enduring human spirit that appreciates the beauty in the blend of the old and the new. This New Year's Eve, let's toast not just to the year ahead but to the enduring charm of places like the South Wind Motel, where every corner has a story, and every stay is a chapter in its continuing legacy.

What are you doing New Years Eve? Guests who book here now with the promo code “AOHNYE” get 10% off their stay, a free shuttle to AoH before the ball drops, and a $10 gift card for that first drink. Cheers to the New Year!

Antiques on High Columbus, OH Brewery

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